The Fed and others will have to deleverage

By | 18 Ağustos 2015

You can even get away with calling them “Ahjussi”.genteelblackholeBTS are my fashion goals 13 points submitted 7 days agoMy first language (Welsh) doesn’t have honourifics, but it does use the plural form of “you” when speaking formally. In daily practice you always use the formal way of saying “you” when speaking to someone older than you. It’s not as strict as Korean where you do it down to the year, but I’m 24 and I’d probably call someone the plural “you” if they were in their late 30s or older.The reason I bring this up is you mentioning BTS getting called “ahjussi” if the speaker is young enough because it reminds me of how shook I was the first time a secondary school child called me the plural “you” instead of the singular.

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