I was just an advanced EMT at the time and I was being sent on

By | 19 Nisan 2015

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cheap moncler There were no ambulances available. We would clear and then immediately be sent on another emergency call. I was just an advanced EMT at the time and I was being sent on calls way above anything I was prepared and able to deal with. I imagine having the handlebars locked to the side is what made him put it down after standing it up, probably was expecting to straighten them but couldn Luckily my roommate was parking a few spots away the exact moment it happened, saw him drop the bike and then scurry into his apartment. That morning, I wake up to a text from my roommate telling me the unit he went into, I end up confronting the guy and over the course of six months he pays me back the $600.00 in damage he caused. Every week I had to nag the kid for a weekly payment, despite him selling large amounts of weed and (likely) having a large amount of cash on him cheap moncler.

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