I visited her school yesterday

By | 26 Kasım 2014

PSA, in most states you can get a Naloxone kit for about 20 dollars. I carry one in my book bag, along with my small trauma kit. It is room temp stable I got mine in Texas at Walgreens, no prescription or questions asked. Almost every community college district between here and the Bay Area, plus Sac state, UC Davis, and even the Stockton UOP campus have closed for the remainder of the week and cancelled events because of the air quality. This is a major public health issue.It’s a difficult burden on parents, but this is their kid’s (and their own) health at issue. The air is thick with toxic smoke pollution that could have long and short term detrimental impacts on their kid’s health.You def aren’t here on earth with us.The schools closing is good for MY child’s health.I visited her school yesterday.

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