I felt humbled in His astounding presence and beauty

By | 16 Şubat 2015

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After observing herring gulls for eighty hours, researchers Jennifer R. Gamble and Daniel A. Cristol from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, formulated some of the game. What stoking the mood for change is a mixture of aspirations and anger. There is no denying the big ticket development agenda the prime calling card of SAD BJP combine poll campaign has made a difference. In last ten years, Punjab has seen surplus power, mega infra projects, a huge heritage makeover and a social welfarism to the extent that 80% of one of richest states is the beneficiary of the subsided scheme.

However, the ideology of Adi Dharma presented a huge challenge to the articulation of Hindu nationalism. According to its ideology, the Hindus are traitors. It will be useful to quote what its followers believed: are the original people of this country, and our religion is Adi Dharma.

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