Four of the centre’s empty shops and likely to be taken up by

By | 25 Kasım 2014

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womens moncler jackets Because deep in our soul, we connect the love on display in the nativity with our own needs and experiences. We want to be mothered and to mother. A part of even the biggest cynic knows that the Christmas story is very real.. In moncler sale Cambridge, annual footfall reporting in the city centre by the Cambridge Business Improvement District (BID) found shopper numbers had dipped by 5.2 per cent between March 2016 and March 2017.This was the steepest year on year fall since the end of 2010, but reflected the country wide situation.Various reasons are typically cited for the high street struggle: the rise in online shopping, cost of parking, high rents, the weather and Brexit.Declining footfall but fewer empty units But Cambridge BID says that the city actually tops the UK league table for the smallest number of empty retail units just eight per cent.CEO Ian Sandison claims this is an indicator of the resilience of the Cambridge economy.He added: “Shops do fall empty from time to time, as in any city, but we are fortunate in that Cambridge is a desirable retail location that appeals to nationals and indies alike, so demand for retail premises remains strong.”Grafton centre and Lion Yard(Image: Grafton Centre)Mr Sandison cited the million refurbishment of The Grafton shopping centre and plans to redevelop part of Lion Yard into a moncler outlet sale hotel as evidence that investment and innovation in the area.In the Grafton, five units are currently empty. Barry Woodhouse, from property agents Bidwells explained that the ongoing reconfiguration of the shopping centre meant this were yet to be filled.”Cambridge does pretty well on retail compared to other parts of the country,” he said.”It has stood the test of economic uncertainty far better than any other cities.”Over at the Lion Yard there are six shopping units that lie empty, many on the Petty Cury side of the shopping centre.Roger Allen, centre manager, explained that two businesses, Second Cup and Pia, up and left their premises with little warning.Four of the centre’s empty shops and likely to be taken up by plans to build a new hotel, restaurant quarter and expanded square around Lion Yard.Mr Allen said two empty units could possibly return to retail usage, but this depending on how the plans developed in time.Boarded up shops in Christ’s LaneOpposite Lion Yard, in Christ’s Lane, four shopping units stand empty. Back in April, Cambridgeshire Live reported on the status of the largely boarded up street that often sees homeless people sleeping in doorways.At the time managing agents said two moncler outlet ca of the four empty shops may have new tenants, but the units still lie empty.Four businesses on the street shut up shop last year, including women’s underwear store Triumph, restaurant Giraffe, Two Seasons outdoor wear and bathroom store Fired Earth.Japanese restaurant Sushimania has now opened at the former Giraffe site, but the other units remain empty womens moncler jackets.

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